Facial Cleanser with 200mg Hemp

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ENECTA FACIAL CLEANSING GEL WITH CBD (CANNABIDIOL) – 200 mg. Enecta CBD Facial Cleansing Gel contains 200 mg of Cannabidiol in its formula, combined with other ingredients that give it a gentle cleansing effect suitable for all skin types, and especially effective for the most sensitive skin, thanks to the calming effect of CBD.

Its formula is enriched with Cannabis Oil obtained from the cold pressing of the seeds (Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil) which, in addition to moisturising, acts as a sebum regulator, creating a protective layer on the skin and respecting the pH.

Format: 200 ml – 200 mg of CBD Cannabidiol.

Other ingredients that strengthen the properties of this product: Aloe Vera provides deep hydration, is soothing and healing, Hamamelis with its astringent and vasoprotective capacity, is a great purifier of the skin, Sage rebalances the epidermis, regulates skin oil, and stops the production of bacteria, natural Vitamin E with the mixture of antioxidant tocopherols from sunflower oil as natural nutrients for the skin, Delicate plant-based cleansers of natural origin that respect the skin’s pH without altering it.


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