Organic CBD Roll-On head on Biobloom



The BioBloom roll-on pen head on provides refreshing relief from discomfort in the head, mental exhaustion, tension, etc. due to its unique formula with natural oils, high-quality hemp penene and CBD. In addition, it strengthens your concentration and focus.

About our roll-on head on

head on contains a high-quality blend of hemp seed, argan and jojoba oils. In combination with 120 mg of natural CBD, hemp fen, essential oils of orange, lavender and eucalyptus as well as soothing natural active ingredients such as menthol, camphor and frankincense, head on provides relief from discomfort in the head, mental fatigue, tension, etc. and for more concentration as well as focus.

The high-quality oil base cares for the skin and the all-natural roll-on stick with a stainless steel ball contains no alcohol. This makes it very skin-friendly and does not cause skin irritation

How to use BioBloom head on?

head on is ideal for you when you feel mentally exhausted, you feel discomfort in your head, you are tense or you just want to focus and concentrate more.

Apply to temples and neck in a circular motion and massage in as needed. The refreshing, relieving effect for the head sets in after just a few seconds.


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