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BioBloom CBD pain patches are small, highly effective, self-adhesive pain patches that provide long-term relief in stressed, strained areas. The hardly noticeable and visible patches have a selective, targeted and long-lasting pain-relieving effect and thus provide reliable relief for chronic complaints such as arthritis, back, neck, muscle and joint pain, as well as various sports injuries and sprains.

About our pain patch pain patch

BioBloom CBD pain patch is an over-the-counter medical device and consists of 12 small (32x32mm), effective and skin-friendly pain patches. The patches contain CBD, an arnica tincture and menthol, among other ingredients. In combination with other analgesic ingredients, they have a soothing effect and additionally reduce swelling due to their slightly cooling effect.

BioBloom CBD pain patch are highly effective and have a selective, targeted and long-lasting analgesic effect. They reliably provide long-lasting local pain relief for chronic complaints such as arthritis, neck, back and joint pain as well as muscle and sports injuries and sprains. The practical, self-adhesive and elastic plasters also have no skin-irritating effect. Their smart size also makes them barely noticeable or visible, making them ideal for exposed areas such as the neck.


Cannabidiol (CBD), arnica tincture and menthol, acrylate copolymer, ethyl acetate, ethanol, heptane, pentanedione.

Contains alcohol.


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