Rooibos Tea Infusion – Yogi Tea 17 Infusiones



Rooibos – Calming, soft, fascinating.

South Africa inspires longing. This is the only place where the fascinating red bush grows that provides South Africa’s national drink of rooibos tea. In this Ayurvedic tea blend, we have given it a fresh interpretation: the delicate rooibos aroma is harmoniously accompanied by aromatic spices such as cinnamon, ginger and cloves. You can therefore taste the sun, zest for life and your bond with Mother Nature in every cup of YOGI TEA® Rooibos.

The tea for everyone who wants to ground themselves.

rooibos*, cinnamon*, ginger*, carob*, roasted chicory*, cardamom*, cloves*, black pepper*, cinnamon oil*, ginger oil*, cardamom oil*, vanilla extract*

* Certified organic


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