Em Ryan, Registered Sound Healer

Em Ryan

Registered Sound Healer

Em has been practising Sound Healing for years. She uses sacred sounds to heal. Like ultrasound, frequency and vibration have been proven to restore the body to optimal functioning. Em is on the Holistic Practitioners Registry with ARCHTI. Additionally, Em is a shamanic practitioner, and holistic psychotherapist and supervisor.

Em is a fully registered and insured Shamanic Sound Healing practitioner. She trained with the Sound Healing Academy and with Gong Grandmaster Don Conreaux. Em has curated Sound Bath events in America, Ireland and Spain. Experience tailored attention to your healing intention in an individual Sound Treatment or at a group Sound Bath. On a massage table, yoga mat or seated, you will bathe in the healing frequencies of crystal and tibetan singing bowls, gongs, drums, bells and chimes. Arise relaxed, renewed, and restored to your optimal wellbeing. WhatsApp Em at +353 83 859 9551 or email spiritsoulsounds@gmail.com.