Juana María Muñoz Uterga

advanced biomagnetism and auriculotherapy therapist

Hello, my name is Juana María Muñoz Uterga and I am an advanced biomagnetism and auriculotherapy therapist.

I believe that the living being is composed of body-mind and soul

My motto in life is LIVE AND LET LIVE.

 One of the most important things for me is the intention with which we do things and mine was always to help, I didn’t know how or when, I didn’t even know how I was going to do it and it was destiny that showed me when These therapies appeared before me. I chose these therapies because I have felt their effects on myself and the experience helped me deeply personally, it touched me so deeply that I decided to make them my profession, always with the greatest respect and admiration that they deserve and having very clear that they are created to help so that all people in this world can benefit from them by helping them in their processes.

Biomagnetism – Natural Therapy, non-aggressive, painless and that is offering great results, is a therapy that is performed with magnets creating a magnetic field in the area where they are placed and its mission is to bring the body to a neutral state, regulating the PH of the body. organism . Biomagnetism does not treat symptoms but rather goes to the origin of the problem, helping to detoxify and cleanse, giving the body the tools it needs, so that it is the body that, in a completely natural way, fights by expelling everything that harms it. When the PH is regulated the body knows what it has to do, this therapy works at very deep levels, both physically and emotionally, etc. and the results will depend on the condition of each person. More and more hospitals and professionals are using this therapy in their consultations with good results for their patients.

Auriculotherapy-many are the conditions that this ancient therapy can treat, it is centuries and centuries old that support the results of this therapy, what I offer is a different therapy, brought to the 21st century by professionals who are experts in the field who created a fusion between traditional Chinese medicine and French medicine, all without ever losing the origin and respect that the centuries have given it, it is performed in the ear and without needles but with the same results and everything can be treated physically, emotionally etc….